Random Thoughts Thanks to YouTube

So I was trolling YouTube a little while ago and happened across some random old commercials from the 80’s or something like that. Some of these were just hilarious and others were mind boggling. People seem like they were so different back then, but I guess in a way they were. There was this one commercial with a guy who climbs to the top of a mountain to ask what the meaning of life is. For what purpose that was in a commercial, I have no clue, but it got me to thinking.

What is the meaning of life? Sometimes it seems as if we live short pointless lives. Short given the age of our planet… but pointless none the less. We are born and spend our first two years being taught to walk and talk, then the next sixteen being told to sit down and shut up. Then we to to work to pay for all the crap we are told we “need” and never have time for family or to even enjoy all the crap we buy.

I know that sounds pessimistic, so allow me to redeem myself here. I think in the end perhaps the meaning of life is to love and to learn or to learn to love. The order is not as important as the action itself. I cannot see any other reason or purpose to give meaning to our lives than these.

Watching the tube

I have been entertaining myself with video websites recently and am hooked on a website called YouTube. It features video clips submitted by users from all over the World. Many of the clips are funny which is why i like watching them because every once and a awhile I need a good laugh.

since seeing so many other peoples videos out there I figured I would upload mine to the service as well and see how many people come and watch what i put up. Would be cool if I could get paid for people watching my movies and hope that one day YouTube will start paying people for the videos being watched that users upload.