Naughty Teacher

Here it is the end of August and probably at least half of this country is back in school by now. I think only the major metropolitan areas along the East Coast wait until after Labor Day to start their school year.

There is a commercial for a new movie called “Bad Teacher” starring Cameron Diaz. I don’t like Cameron Diaz so I don’t give a shit about paying good money to watch this in the theaters. Maybe one day when I bored out of my mind I might rent it from Redbox. Better yet, I’ll wait until it comes out on cable.

The whole point of the movie seems to be that a charming girl who has really bad habits that are not appropriate for a teacher just needs a little love and understanding. Sound like a load of crap.

Now mini me has a tape to

When I heard the word from my friends that mini me has a sex tape that is on the internet I was totally shocked that everyone in the World seems to have a sex tape of themselves and i do not. I am putting it on my list right now of things to do before I die because if mini me has one then I want one to. I can not wait to see it when it comes out for download on the net or on dvd.

My question to you is what celebrity would you like to see in a sex tape and why?