More love making videos please

Back in the say in order to watch movies that were adult related you would have to drive pretty far and go to some little shop that did not have any signs other than you must be 18 in order to enter and there we would have to look around with all the other curious people looking to learn more about adult love making.

Of course some were there for other reasons like finding a helping guide to help them masterbate and other things but me i wanted to learn how to make love to my woman at the time better and back then there were really no how to videos or better love making videos on the market. And even today there are only a couple of them out there.

I hope one day my society stops repressing sexuality and starts to embrace teachings on better love making so we can all enjoy better orgasms and get in touch with our spiritual side of our beings instead of the opposite.

Watching the tube

I have been entertaining myself with video websites recently and am hooked on a website called YouTube. It features video clips submitted by users from all over the World. Many of the clips are funny which is why i like watching them because every once and a awhile I need a good laugh.

since seeing so many other peoples videos out there I figured I would upload mine to the service as well and see how many people come and watch what i put up. Would be cool if I could get paid for people watching my movies and hope that one day YouTube will start paying people for the videos being watched that users upload.