The golden age of sex toys!

The golden age of sex toys is upon us or at least the rich. Yes it seems nothing is to good to be dipped in gold these days it seems there is someone in the middle east that just order a gold penis pump and another company that just released a line of vibrators dipped in gold and silver for those not wanting to spend as much i assume. I wonder what is next and I am sure there will be more to come from cockrings to anal toys and who knows maybe even a strap on more and more sex toys are being dipped in gold. i for one think this is great and about time but know I will never be able to afford luxury items like these for my bedroom.

My question to you is if you could have any sex toy dipped and gold and given to you what would it be and why?

A cool adult toys weblog

I am more into the blogs written by and featuring adult stuff like this awesome sex toys weblog that features all the coolest new adult toys to hit the market. All the sex toys stores around town do not have any where near the amount of toys that are online and at the prices the internet offers.

So I keep up with all the latest and greatest and toys by adding the feed to my netvibes page that wat when ever they feature another toy I can see it on my page. I used to keep up with them on my twitter but I have had so many problems withthe service i gave up on using it and made the switch over to netvibes.

Never knew there were so many toys!

When i think of a sex toy I think of a vibrator or a dildo but when I went shopping online for a sex toy I came across stores that had over 10,000 different types of sex toys for sale. I was blown away with the amount of movies on dvd they had as well. My question is who has time to use all these devices? I wish there was a website that had the top sex toys in the World so all us novices could get the best ones and swift threw the shabby ones.

Shopping for anything online has become the standard around here because everyone saves so much by not driving to the store and also everything is cheaper online than at the stores so why even bother buying from anywhere else but online plus I have a really cute delivery driver that always comes to my door with a smile so it is an added bonus to shopping online even for sex toys.