Some silly shit

I have seen some silly shit in my life, but none sillier than a pair of high topĀ stiletto Air Jordan boots. Are you going to run in them? I don’t think so. I cannot imagine what a woman would wear a pair of those with, but more power to ya. My sister saw some online and fell in love with them. I really want to see her wear that shit. I could be wrong, but it really doesn’t say sexy to me as a regular stiletto is supposed to. Then again I am not a fashion guru either.

I prefer my women in sexy shoes, not crazy looking ones. I have seen some really crazy looking shoes on women before and they are a total turn off. Especially those Goth shoes that everyone used to wear all the time. At least only a few women wear them anymore and those are just Goth chicks. Big clunky shoes are definitely not sexy, at least to this mans point of view. I wish my sister the best of luck with her new boots. I hope her husband has a broader mind than I apparently have. Then again, he married my crazy sister so he must.