Valentines day sucks ass

I cannot wait for this stupid fucking holiday to pass. This has to be the dumbest holiday there is and it totally sucks ass. All I see is a holiday manufactured by the card, flower, jewelry and chocolate companies to cash in on. It gives women an unrealistic idea of what men should be like all the time. It’s as bad as those idiot romance novels and chick flick movies. Totally unrealistic. There is no way for men to live up to that shit and then women get pissed off when we can’t. We are men. We fart, burp, scratch and generally are gross. We like it that way.

I hate having to live up to expectations like that. Sometimes, there just isn’t enough money for a lot of gifts or the relationship hasn’t reached a gift giving stage, and if you ignore the damned holiday then the relationship is doomed right then and there. Maybe I shouldn’t hate on it so much, but it is kind of hard not to. I don’t like to disappoint people I like and if I am dating a girl it means I like her. I might not be in love yet, but I like her just the same. I vote this holiday and unfair one.

Orange County Choppers

I am watching Orange County Choppers while I mess around online. I really like this shit. Paul Sr and Paul Jr are always fighting about something, even when they make up they still go at it constantly. I have never seen families behave like this in real life, at least not the families I know. Their motorcycles are the shit though. I would love to have a bike built by them. I know that Jr has his own shop now, so it would be hard to decide who to chose to build my bike. On one had Sr has the most experience, however JR has a lot of talent that cannot be denied.

Pure talent wins I think over experience, because he will always have something new and cutting edge. One of my favorite bikes is the black widow. It is just bad fucking ass. You just don’t see that kind of thing everyday. I think I would want something with dragons on it if I had them build me one. Something that speaks of my own ancestry and heritage. A custom bike should reflect the personality of it’s owner in my opinion. I am saving for a bike, but not just any bike, an Orange County Chopper.

Don’t give me shit

Don’t give me shit for looking at your tits when you dress to show them off. I went out last night to the club and this chick got all mad because I looked at her tits. Well, she had them pushed up so far they were almost touching her chin and you couldn’t help but look.  Woman dress to attract the men to them and then want to get angry when you actually look at what they are showing off. I love the Play Dance bar and I go there a lot, but I think I am going to have to find a new place to play, because it has just gotten ridiculous.

Maybe it is time to go hang out at Tootsies Orchid Lounge for a while. I like to dance and talk to the women and if they are going to be so nasty then a new place is in order. I have been to Tootsies a few times and liked it, but it just wasn’t the same as Play Dance. Play Dance hops a lot harder then Tootsies, but I am going to convince a few of the guys and girls to switch with me. Maybe then I won’t have to deal with so much shit.