Finally got my return

Now it is time to buy me a new fucking phone. I decided to get myself a new Android phone. They have the best applications and most of them are free. I have been using this old phone for two years and I am long past due for a new one. I don’t really know how I managed to keep from breaking this shit. It is a flip phone and everyone knows that flip phones break from constant use. I do use my phone a lot too. I am happy that it didn’t actually break too soon, because now I can afford to get a phone I really want.

I have been searching for the applications I like. One of them is the constellation app. If you turn on the app and hold the phone up to the night sky so the camera can see it, it will show you which stars are which constellations. It’s a cool as shit application and the ladies will love it. I am also going to have the hot spot as well. I have to pay extra for that but it will come in handy for when I want to take my lap top with me places and be able to use it successfully.