Potluck Christmas Party

So my boss wanted me to organize the Christmas party for our office this year. Crap ! This is the biggest pain in the whazoo there ever was. I have about a month to get it done. I have already decided that it will be a potluck dinner party. Probably would have been easier to just get a bunch of platters made somewhere but everyone else will be doing that and accidents happen. Orders get lost or given to the wrong customer and wham ! No food !

So potluck it is and now I have to get people to agree to bring in main dishes and desserts etc… Chips and dip, sodas and stuff like that I can go buy on the company dime from Costco or somewhere like that. I also need to dig out the Christmas decorations and put them up as that is part of the job as well.

I already know what I am bringing. It’s the one thing everyone loves for me to bring in. Oreo truffles aka Oreo cookie balls. They are seriously simple to make and cost very little as well. People LOVE them and they are usually gone before dinner is even served !

Happy Fucking New Year !

I am so hung over. Last nights revelries were fucking amazing. I took a beautiful blond out to dinner and then to a party at a friends house, before we went to a couple of clubs. The best place was BB Kings Blues club, where we ended our night after the ball dropped. I really love this place and you could tell she did too. We danced and had a great time without any incident. You really can’t beat the music in a place named BB Kings. I had to smile at that last as it is really an understatement, but you will know if you ever go there.

After I took the lovely lady home, I was still a bit amped and decided to go back to my buddy’s house. The party was still in full swing and it got crazy. That is where I got so drunk and why I am hung over as hell. I drank too much Tequila last night, my friend. That is ok though since I ended up spending the night and didn’t get home till a little bit ago. After a hot shower and food I am writing this then going back to bed. I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years experience. I know I did.


My Sister Turns Forty

Today is my sister’s birthday. She is turning forty this year and is not happy about it. We wanted to give her a party, but she insisted that she would not be in any mood for a party this year. You see our mother passed away at the young age of forty and my sister is just freaked out about the whole thing and wants to just get on with life and make it to her 41st birthday in good health.

Happy Birthday Sis!