House Hunting Took Longer than I Thought

Well, that took longer than I thought, but I finally am able to buy a house. I have been looking online for… well, forever, and I have finally found the one I really want. The internet has really helped with house hunting, but it took a lot longer than I thought it would. Like over a year! I am hoping that everything will go smoothly with the loans and closing. They have to get an inspector to go out and do some kind of total inspection. Costs an arm and a leg too.

You would not believe the stuff they have to look for; foundation, lot, roof, exterior, attic, and the list goes on and on. I am partially glad for it though, because so many homes today get that mold that is really bad for your health. I definitely do NOT want that in my new home, so I guess the money is worth it. Unfortunately, it is non refundable and if the report comes back bad, I am out the money. Oh well, C’estla vie !

I am really excited about my new house though. I can already envision where everything will go and am trying to figure out what colors I want in my new space. It’s a lot bigger than my apartment so my stuff will seem like there isn’t much in the house at first. Probably a good thing as we tend to collect stuff as we get older.

Consumers Educate Yourself For The Up and Coming Holiday Season

There are so many deals out there these days, with money so tight, businesses are trying desperately to get your business in order to keep them alive and keep themselves in business. This will be an interesting holiday season coming up in just a few short months with the economy still in crisis, big time and most people hurting, big time as well. We the consumers need to be aware of what they are getting into, the old saying “buyer beware” is oh so true, especially when dealing with online shopping.

Lately I have been seeing a good amount of offers for free business cards online. Only to find out that free doesn’t necessarily mean free. It worries me that so many people are reeled in by offers like these only to find out the hard way that they have been fooled into giving their information (name, address, credit card numbers, etc.) only to find out that they are going to be charged in some way, one way or another.

Folks please be careful all year round and especially around Christmas time.

Tons of great adult stuff online now!

Todays internet allows the average adut to entertain themself a lot more than say 5 and 10 years ago. With the launch of free adult video websites called tubes there is always access to free porn online now. And there are countless free image sites out there to satisy any persons curosity. This was all blind to me for quite sometime for good reasons as I was to young but now that I have grown all up I have b een on a hunt for some of the best adult entertainment in the World both virtual and rreality.

Some of the great things and places I have found over time I plan on talking about here a little more as in hopes of passing on this great knowledge to other adults just starting to open there eyes to whats out there to see! As you can see from my sidebar now I have added dome favorites already for anyone to look at so why dont you do so already, if your an adult which is what this blog is intended for only is adults. Also what is your favorite adult spot online and why if you have some time to leave a comment or two!

Whats the last good one you seen?

When it comes to adult movies what was the last good one you saw? i have been thinking about buying a couple recently and I wanted to see if there were any must have titles to get when i am shopping for them. One thing I have learned of course is to buy it online, whatever it is when it comes to adult products because at the stores they charge you twice as much as what you can get online.

I am thinking the last great adult film i saw this year was on HBO of all places and it was just one of those 30 minute skin flicks that had some lame title but the women in the film were unbelievably hot. So if you know of any good ones like the last one that stuck in your mind because it was just so good leave the title in your comment.

Never knew there were so many toys!

When i think of a sex toy I think of a vibrator or a dildo but when I went shopping online for a sex toy I came across stores that had over 10,000 different types of sex toys for sale. I was blown away with the amount of movies on dvd they had as well. My question is who has time to use all these devices? I wish there was a website that had the top sex toys in the World so all us novices could get the best ones and swift threw the shabby ones.

Shopping for anything online has become the standard around here because everyone saves so much by not driving to the store and also everything is cheaper online than at the stores so why even bother buying from anywhere else but online plus I have a really cute delivery driver that always comes to my door with a smile so it is an added bonus to shopping online even for sex toys.