Flat screen fucking yea !

I bought a brand new flat screen TV and it fucking rocks ! There is nothing better then a new purchase for a persons home. Even better when it is something like a new TV.  It is an LG forty two inch LCD TV with HD and a built in DVD player. Oh yea, this bad boy is going to play the Super Bowl with style. I think I will have a Super Bowl party when it’s time. A few of the guys over and a lot of pizza and beer. That sounds like a definite plan.

I can’t wait till NASCAR starts. Watching the races on my new TV will be much better then the last TV I had. It was the worst. Now I don’t have to worry about it and I will be able to enjoy a few of my favorite programs better then I did before. Especially as I watch Dale Jr. kick ass around the track this season.  Maybe we can get lucky and Dale and Jeff can put a Bush out of business. That would be nice. Hell, I might even have a few NASCAR get together’s this season. I think it would be lots of fun.