Too Busy for Games

New games are coming out for all the different gaming systems. I am looking forward to the new Madden. I think it comes out next month.

This summer I have been sidetracked from spending much time playing games. That is good and it is bad. The good part of it is that I’ve been having a lot of fun going places and doing things outside. Like the beach. A lot.

The bad part is that there are some killer new games out an di haven’t even tried to play the first one. So my friends are going to have an edge on me until I get serious about my gaming and get back to my PS3.

Still the best dirty mag!

When it comes to dirty magazines I prefer Hustler over the other ones like Playboy or Penthouse. hustler was the first ever real porn magazine in my opinion because Larry Flynt showed a lot of lower shots rather than upper breast shot like Heugh Heffner and Penthouse had a lot of ugly models and bad photos most of its issues after the former owner used to run it.

So Hustler is something I still get today and love the articles as much as the pictures of all his very hot women he features in his magazine! Anyways out of the 3 magazines talked about in this post which do you prefer to read or view the most!