Dead Batteries Always Disappoint

Last night I needed a flashlight, but the one in my kitchen drawer had dead batteries in it so it didn’t work. What a disappointment and annoyance. I probably only used that flashlight two or three times, so the batteries ran down not from overuse but from gradually discharge while not being used.

I found two fresh batteries in the garage, but damn I can’t believe how fast the batteries went dead in that flashlight without even being used. Maybe I need to stock up on some rechargeable batteries and making sure they get charged every couple of months so that when I have an emergency and need a flashlight that the dead batteries won’t be a disappointment again.

Shopping for New Dishes

The dishes in my kitchen are an old fashioned country style pottery or stoneware. When I first got my own place I bought them at an outlet store for $15. I liked the simple blue stripe and beige color, thinking that they would “go with anything.” But the truth is, no one has a kitchen decorated in dark blue. Its just not happening.

My kitchen is black and white appliances with old, dark wood cabinets. I would paint the cabinets, but after seeing a few neighbor’s homes that were built by the same builder at the same time as mine, I haven’t like any of their kitchens where they painted the cabinets. The cabinets don’t look any newer or better – they just look . . . painted.

I hope that if I stay here we can work out a deal to replace the cabinets with something not only more attractive but also with adjustable shelves and more functionality. Whoever designed this kitchen had no fucking clue how to arrange cupboards for function.

So, I tired of these dishes and want something with color and style. I am seriously thinking about going shopping for new dishes this weekend and doing with something red. I think red goes great with black and white and it is a nice pop of color for the table top. I just don’t know if food looks good on a red plate. It might be overwhelming or too dark to even see the food properly. What do you think?