Now this is the way to do it

What I want

Low and Slow


Low and slow is how you would have to drive this anywhere you went unless it has hydraulics, and then I would still drive it slow so as to not mess anything up. I can just imagine how much it cost to completely restore both of these. I might have chosen a different color scheme but to each their own. I know that my father would love this, so I am going to print it out and take it to show him. He has been looking for some kind of restoration project and I think this may be exactly what he needs.

When he is done, he can take it to car shows and also use it to travel with mom. They have always wanted to travel and she has been trying to convince him to buy an RV. This would be perfect for just the two of them so long as they don’t try to take any of the grand kids with them, it would work great. I cannot wait to show him this. It would be fun to work on something like this with him. He likes it when I come over and help him with stuff since I never would when I was a teenager.

Too much drama

I fucking hate drama. It seems like not only the women now a days are prone to drama but the men too. All I ever hear lately is some kind of stupidity that makes me want to barricade myself in my house and never leave. I have dropped a bunch of friends lately for that shit. Well, I guess they were only acquaintances if they were that easy to drop. There is something inherently wrong with people today. The kids are nuts and the adults are even worse. It makes a person not want to ever have any kids.

I am going to stop watching the news as well. Every time I turn it on there is something about people killing kids or kids killing each other in the schools no less. Who wants to have kids and then send them out in the world to schools that cannot keep them safe. I wonder where this world is heading when things are this bad. It is actually kind of scary. I know that I am not looking forward to old age anymore. There probably wont be anyone there to help take care of me the way that we have taken care of my grand parents. It is really kind of sad.