Poker Run for 4 Year Old Justin

You could hear the rumble of Harley’s for miles as they all gathered to start a poker run for Justin. Justin is a local 4 year old that was diagnosed with leukemia a month ago. His parents don’t have much so the expense for his treatments are a real strain on the family since the boy’s mother had to quit work to stay by Justin’s side.

Not even one of these tattooed, long haired, leather clad bikers knows Justin or his parents but they know the child needs help so a local group of bikers who had heard about Justin from a family member that knows his mother decided to put together a poker run to raise money for the family. They managed to raise over $5,000 which I’m sure will help his parents out, big time.

Now who said dirty old bikers don’t have a heart? Sure wasn’t me!!!!! Justin and his family are in the hearts of all of us now. His little life is in the hands of a higher power than any of us but their thoughts and prayers are with Justin and his family in hopes that a miracle comes their way.