Girls that love to suck cock

You gotta love ’em, I sure do. Even though I do not like to cum during blow jobs much, because it sucks away so much energy – yeah it feels really really good to cum in a girl’s mouth and her sucking the life force out of me is incredible, but I try not to go there often. It doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a girl that loves to give head though – just gotta make sure not to cum when it’s right there on the edge.

So there are blow jobs and there are really good blow jobs. Sometimes you get a few good blow jobs from someone and then later in the relationship you don’t get good ones, it just becomes a prelude to the fucking that they want, kind of like a porn flick.

But when you are lucky enough to get a girl who loves to suck cock – the experience is amazing, I had forgotten what it was like to have a girl that knows what’s she’s doing to bring you pleasure with her mouth like that, and to have her really enjoy doing it – made the whole experience beautiful!