Jerked it one to many times

IT was one of those days when I knew I had th whole house to my self and was going to be alone all day and night so i started the day with one hell of a jerk in the shower to start my day off right. By 4:20 pm I had done it 3 more times watching a dirty dvd and viewing some adult blogs online then by 8:40 and a couple of puffs and sips off some of the finest juice this side of the border I realized I had jerked it one to many times when I tried to open the door to my room and it took two hands in order to turn it.

After giving up even trying to make down the stairs I limped back to bed and passed out for a couple of hours only to wake up still with no strength and stinky breath looking like death an a hour late for work. Needless to say I had jerked it one to many times the day earlier but man what a great day that was!! I think we need a day just for men like that National jerk day where men all across the country get a day off just to jerk it all day!!