Something ever lasting

This is the year of the Rat and supposedly if you work hard it will pay off BIG time, so i am hoping for a large amount of something next year because i have been working my hands to the bone trying to get some of my ideas of the drawing board and into reality.

Some of my friends have been helping me along the way which has helped out more than i could have ever imagined because some of the ideas would have never came along unless we discussed them together and probably at that certain time. Money comes and goes but friendship is ever lasting and to me a lot more fun.

Hello world I am a blogger!

This is where I am planning on keeping up with all my great stuff online I have filled my favorites list to the point it takes five full minutes to get to the bottom so i am going to start storing my favorite spots as well as my ideas on life love and everything in between.

One thing I can assure you all is that there will be no talking about my work here because fuck work this is blog is for playtime and playtime only!!