This years Daytona 500 was insane. Between the rain putting the race off for a day and then more rain putting the race off till night time it is amazing the race ever got started. To top it all off the crash with Montoya and one of the safety trucks that was drying the track was unbelievable. The truck had a helicopter jet engine on it that drys the track during yellow flags. It also has the jet fuel in a large tank to run it. Montoya had a mechanical problem and spun out into the back of the truck at a rather high rate of speed.

The truck burst into flames and the fuel started spilling down the track on fire. It took a while for them to finally put the fire out and clean up the mess from the fire. Basically all they could do was dump massive amounts of water on it until they had watered the fuel down enough that it wouldn’t burn anymore. It was fucking crazy. I definitely wouldn’t have wanted to be one of those guys out there near that fire. You could see where the fire had burned so hot on the truck that it melted the fucking metal. I love Daytona, but the last couple of years it has been nothing but problems.