Your favorite porn star?

Out of all the porn stars in the World who is your favorite porn star of them all and why? My favorite porn star of them all is actually and amatuer porn star that I have only been able to find in one clip and I do not even know her name. I know a lot of you will write in Debbie or Jenna or the usual top 10 suspects and that is fine but I am wanting the truth when it comes to your answer of who yours is and why the are your favorite?

Many more polls to come as soon as I can figure this polls plugin but for now this post will have to do as it is a test of the emergency jun hoe broadcasting system do not worry this is only a test!

Hello world I am a blogger!

This is where I am planning on keeping up with all my great stuff online I have filled my favorites list to the point it takes five full minutes to get to the bottom so i am going to start storing my favorite spots as well as my ideas on life love and everything in between.

One thing I can assure you all is that there will be no talking about my work here because fuck work this is blog is for playtime and playtime only!!