No More Tee Shirts

My closet is a huge mess and I hate going through piles of clothes to sort through them and put them up. I seem to end up wearing the same 5 or 6 outfits most of the time and all the rest of the clothes just hang in the closet looking neglected and forlorn.

One thing that is really starting to bug me is the huge collection of tee shirts that I have now. Over the years I have collected way too many tee shirts and can probably go the rest of my life without having to buy an y more tee shirts.

I have shirts from concerts, from vacation towns and from all the walk-a-thon charity events I used to do. Most of them are size large men’s tee shirts with logos and designs on them. And I never really wear any of them!

The only time I wear a men’s tee shirt is when I am going to bed and want to sleep in a big shirt and Joe Boxer pants instead of a nightgown. Truth is, I almost never like to wear nightgowns anymore – they make me feel frumpy. In a grandma way. Not that a tee shirt and pj bottoms are less frumpy, but they keep my legs warm and my grandma never wore them – I guarantee.

I’d sleep in the raw if I didn’t have a roommate. But we need a certain amount of modesty in the house. So PJs are the norm around here.