Happy Fucking New Year !

I am so hung over. Last nights revelries were fucking amazing. I took a beautiful blond out to dinner and then to a party at a friends house, before we went to a couple of clubs. The best place was BB Kings Blues club, where we ended our night after the ball dropped. I really love this place and you could tell she did too. We danced and had a great time without any incident. You really can’t beat the music in a place named BB Kings. I had to smile at that last as it is really an understatement, but you will know if you ever go there.

After I took the lovely lady home, I was still a bit amped and decided to go back to my buddy’s house. The party was still in full swing and it got crazy. That is where I got so drunk and why I am hung over as hell. I drank too much Tequila last night, my friend. That is ok though since I ended up spending the night and didn’t get home till a little bit ago. After a hot shower and food I am writing this then going back to bed. I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years experience. I know I did.


Kool Aid

I grew up in a house that drank tea morning, noon, at dinner and at night. I have always enjoyed tea, hot or cold, but I’ve been feeling a bit burned out of it these past few years and have been looking for an alternative to turn to for a change of pace.

I have never been a fan of soda, and water just tastes plain nasty, so I’ve turned to drinking a few flavors of Kool Aid and I have to say that it has been a nice change of pace for my taste buds. The Black Cherry flavor is my favorite and I have to add a bit more sugar that the one cup that it calls for but that is all right by me.

Big Yellow School Buses

I was late for work this morning due to the fact that I got stuck behind a school bus for most of the way in to work. I’d forgotten that school had started and didn’t plan on such a drastic delay. My manager wasn’t impressed with my excuse for arriving almost 20 minutes late and I felt like a complete idiot for the rest of the day.

Guess I need to get up a bit earlier and/or find an alternate route to take in the mornings that will keep me off of the back roads that I’ve been using to get to work. Coming home is no problem, most of the buses are done by that time.