Orange County Choppers

I am watching Orange County Choppers while I mess around online. I really like this shit. Paul Sr and Paul Jr are always fighting about something, even when they make up they still go at it constantly. I have never seen families behave like this in real life, at least not the families I know. Their motorcycles are the shit though. I would love to have a bike built by them. I know that Jr has his own shop now, so it would be hard to decide who to chose to build my bike. On one had Sr has the most experience, however JR has a lot of talent that cannot be denied.

Pure talent wins I think over experience, because he will always have something new and cutting edge. One of my favorite bikes is the black widow. It is just bad fucking ass. You just don’t see that kind of thing everyday. I think I would want something with dragons on it if I had them build me one. Something that speaks of my own ancestry and heritage. A custom bike should reflect the personality of it’s owner in my opinion. I am saving for a bike, but not just any bike, an Orange County Chopper.