Happy Fucking New Year !

I am so hung over. Last nights revelries were fucking amazing. I took a beautiful blond out to dinner and then to a party at a friends house, before we went to a couple of clubs. The best place was BB Kings Blues club, where we ended our night after the ball dropped. I really love this place and you could tell she did too. We danced and had a great time without any incident. You really can’t beat the music in a place named BB Kings. I had to smile at that last as it is really an understatement, but you will know if you ever go there.

After I took the lovely lady home, I was still a bit amped and decided to go back to my buddy’s house. The party was still in full swing and it got crazy. That is where I got so drunk and why I am hung over as hell. I drank too much Tequila last night, my friend. That is ok though since I ended up spending the night and didn’t get home till a little bit ago. After a hot shower and food I am writing this then going back to bed. I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years experience. I know I did.