I need a fucking lobotomy

Ok, not really but I am about to lose my fucking mind. The political crap going on right now is totally mind blowing. You have to just love watching the news every day because there is one scandal after another. I cannot fathom how people who stand up and preach about honor and fidelity and morals and have absolutely none themselves. Politicians are the absolute worst people. There is non stop corruption in our government and the whole system needs to be revamped. Especially the way we vote and the party system itself. As I sit here and watch the news I am disheartened by the violence as well.

There are so many people hurting not just each other but their own children. How the fuck do they justify what they do? Sometimes I wish the reporters would just stop. Stop reporting all of the bad stuff and give us more of the good. I know we can’t get away from the political spectrum but the rest of it we could definitely do without. At least the weather is nto that bad and we have had a mild winter so far.  I think I will turn off the TV for a while and read a book.

September & October, Busy Birthday Months

This time of year I spend a good amount of time sending out birthday cards. There a tons of friends and family members that were born in September & October. Each March & April I go through the same thing, funny how things end up like this.

One good thing is that I get them all done and over with twice a month and don’t have to worry about keeping up with them all, all year round. I come from a large family and this becomes a pretty challenging undertaking each and every year.

It’s bad enough all the Christmas cards that I have to send out each and every year. The time and cost involved in that is becoming a big issue, this year I am cutting back big time on my Christmas card list and turning to e-cards more and more.

Too Busy for Games

New games are coming out for all the different gaming systems. I am looking forward to the new Madden. I think it comes out next month.

This summer I have been sidetracked from spending much time playing games. That is good and it is bad. The good part of it is that I’ve been having a lot of fun going places and doing things outside. Like the beach. A lot.

The bad part is that there are some killer new games out an di haven’t even tried to play the first one. So my friends are going to have an edge on me until I get serious about my gaming and get back to my PS3.