Toss It or Mend It

Somehow my bedsheet got a tear in it. I have no idea how it got there – I don’t wear sharp edges on anything in my bed. So how did it get a tear? It must have been my damn washing machine.

One time I was in a nice hotel and they had these cute little sewing kits in the room, so I took home the sewing kit when I checked out. I’ve never had to use it yet, but now the sheet needs mending. But I don’t think anything I can do with just this little sewing kit will really make much difference. It won’t look as nice as a fresh, new sheet. I bet the stitching will be bothersome, too. But new sheets are expensive.

Wild Card – Rodeo Rampage Caught On Tape

I just saw an interesting piece on TV about four people being stupid enough to sit in an arena, at a table, playing poker while an angry bull is released into the ring. The reason that these people are doing this dumb ass thing is for the chance to be the last person seated who would win $200!

Can you imagine risking your life for $200?  The tape that they were showing, on this particular afternoon ended up badly, with numerous people getting seriously injured and a very upset bull. I can’t imagine being involved in anything so ridiculous as this. I’m sure that there are videos on with these types of escapades being video taped, but I honestly don’t want anything to do with anything so outrageous as this. These people deserved to be hurt, at least that is my opinion and I’m sticking to it.