Gathering Empty Boxes

Thinking about moving soon – this place is too small and I am sick of the clutter with no place to put it. My problem is not the clutter itself – it is stuff I want to keep and have access to. The problem is there is no room for any more furniture and no more storage, either. I just need a bigger place.

These next couple of weeks I will be looking around for a new house and collecting empty cardboard boxes to use when I have to pack and move. There are some things that I can pack now and won’t need for a few weeks, and there are some seasonal things, like beach towels and picnic baskets, that I won’t need for a long time. So I can pack a little at a time and get organized while doing it – instead of just tossing everything into a box so it can be hauled out of the door and loaded onto a truck.

There are packing supplies sold at the office supply stores and at most of the self storage unit offices. I need about 40 medium sized boxes, a roll of packing tape, some box labels and a couple of Sharpie markers. If I can get two boxes packed, sealed and labelled each night, it won’t take long to get the last minute things, like kitchen stuff, thrown into boxes and moved.