I am going to a party this weekend and it is the first BBQ of the season. I am glad that winter is finally fucking over and the outdoor activities are finally under way. The BBQ is at my brothers house and its only a few family members, and mostly friends. I am taking a date with me. The girl I am taking is someone I have been seeing for about two months. She is really cool and loves the outdoors too. I think we will have a great time at my brothers BBQ. Since my parents wont be there it is ok to take her. I am not ready to introduce her to them yet.

I want to see what my brother thinks of her first and how she reacts to his kind of BBQ’s. They are usually a little crazy and the food is definitely not the average BBQ food. I am looking forward to the shish-ka-bobs that my brother makes so well. They are amazing and I can never get enough of them. He always accuses me of standing over the grill to get the first one off of it and he is right. There is nothing like it that I have ever had before.