I hate mornings

No really, I fucking hate mornings. I am a night person and getting up in the morning is the biggest pain in the ass. I have no choice though, because this morning I have an appointment I cannot miss. I am going to a job interview for another part of the company I work for. I have been wanting this position forever and I finally have a chance to get it. Unfortunately it wont be on the night shift I am used to working and I will have to start getting used to being up during the day. If I get the position, I will be celebrating tonight at the sports bar with my buddys.

Tonight is our regular night at Bailey’s anyway, but I will actually have a good reason to celebrate. I also have a date for tonight and this will be a great day if only I can get this promotion. I am going to be praying all the way to work. I think I will stop and get some breakfast, so I am not hungry while I am interviewed. I wouldn’t want my stomach to start growling really loud during it. That would be embarrassing. Well, wish me luck !