Appreciating Apartment Living

I’ve recently sold my house and I’m living in an apartment for the first time in a long time.  After owning a house for such a long time, there was an adjustment period to renting again, but that pretty much went away the first time the heat pump stopped working.  One call to my landlord and a repairman was on his way.  My kitchen sink faucet also had to be replaced but they came right out.

It is a relief to not worry about my roof,  or trees falling onto my house, or a million other things that can go wrong in a house.  At first, I did feel a sense of loss of security because renting an apartment feels less permanent, but after awhile I realize that nothing in life is permanent anyway.

Owning a house requires a lot of maintenance and money to have that maintenance and upkeep done every year.  That maintenance isn’t just the inside of the house either.  It’s the entire outside of the house, the roof, and under the house if there is a basement or a crawl space.  It turns out that renting makes me free, somewhat more free, and no longer shackled by those responsibilities.  It was a huge leap,  but I wish I’d done it years ago.