Tuesday for New Releases

Have you ever noticed that most new music CDs are released on Tuesdays? I always check my Spotify dashboard on Tuesdays to see what new albums are available. I like the way Spotify lets you hear a whole song – not just a sample like on Amazon, and then lets you buy the new music if you like it.

I made a huge playlist of adult contemporary music that I like. For some strange reason a lot of people have found my playlist online and subscribed to it. That means a couple dozen people are grooving to the songs that I picked for myself. How cool is that?

The Significance of Numbers

Everyone in America knows that the number 13 is considered an unlucky number. We observe that in a lot of strange ways, considering that it is just a superstition. But you will not find the 13 on a sport uniform, there is not 13th floor of any high rise building, and Friday the 13th is widely believed to be a bad luck day.

Strangely, people in other cultures have assigned the same significance to different numbers. So this must be a human failing – giving numbers power over our behavior is just weird to me.