Gun range

Hell fuck yea ! I went to the gun range with my buddy Arnold. He is a cop and spends a lot of time at the range. He let me shoot two of his guns and by the time I was done, I decided I want a gun of my own. We left the range and went to his favorite gun shop to browse around and fill out paperwork. I am buying a 45 Cal ACP. They are not easy to find either as most places are out of stock right now. Apparently the constant battle over gun rights has boosted sales astronomically.

The gun shop owners and gun manufacturers are happy about that, but it makes for a lot of red tape as well to buy a gun now a days. I have applied for my permit and such, but I cannot pick up my gun until after three days. That is how long it takes for the back ground check to come back. I also registered for my classes so I can get a concealed weapons permit as well. That is a bit expensive, but completely worth it. Arnold says that it is a must have. That way if I am ever pulled over the cops cannot give me too hard a time about it.

I want a new car

I really am tired of this fucking car. I want a new one or a truck. It doesn’t have to be a big truck though a small one would do. I do like the new Jetta by VW. I test drove one the other day just for kicks and it was fast, sleek and a lot of fun to drive. Ok this one wasn’t new new, because this years model is a sedan, and the one I drove was a convertible, but it was awesome. Jetta convertible’s are hard to find, because there aren’t that many of them. I don’t think they made them for multiple years, but I will have to look that up to be sure.

This one was fully fucking loaded and the interior was immaculate. I am seriously thinking about buying it. My old car is really about to die. I have had it a long time and it was used when I got it. I have put a lot of miles on it and before it dies completely leaving me high and dry, I think it would be prudent to replace it. I will take my friend Gary with me to go look at it first though, because he is a mechanic and will check it out fully first. He will bring his computer to make sure there are no electrical problems that I shoudl be concerned about.

The Hunger Games

I want to see this fucking movie so bad. It reminds me of the Running Man with Arnold Schwarzenegger, only this is about a girl who volunteers in place of her little sister. She has to make it through the games to not only survive, but to save her little sister. The plot is ripe for all kinds of violence and drama. I think I will take my girlfriend with me to go see it as soon as it hits theaters. I usually go to the theater near my house, but for this movie I am going to the big theater.

The screens are bigger and the seats recline better. The whole place is just nicer. I could do without the exorbitant cost but it is what it is and there is nothing for it. I want to see this one in the theater, not on cable on demand. Don’t get me wrong, I love my big screen TV, but the theater is much better for this kind of movie. I am going to sneak my flask into the theater so we can spike our drinks while we watch the movie. I know that is a no no, but I don’t care. I really want to enjoy the movie to its fullest and have fun with my girl.


I am going to a party this weekend and it is the first BBQ of the season. I am glad that winter is finally fucking over and the outdoor activities are finally under way. The BBQ is at my brothers house and its only a few family members, and mostly friends. I am taking a date with me. The girl I am taking is someone I have been seeing for about two months. She is really cool and loves the outdoors too. I think we will have a great time at my brothers BBQ. Since my parents wont be there it is ok to take her. I am not ready to introduce her to them yet.

I want to see what my brother thinks of her first and how she reacts to his kind of BBQ’s. They are usually a little crazy and the food is definitely not the average BBQ food. I am looking forward to the shish-ka-bobs that my brother makes so well. They are amazing and I can never get enough of them. He always accuses me of standing over the grill to get the first one off of it and he is right. There is nothing like it that I have ever had before.

I hate mornings

No really, I fucking hate mornings. I am a night person and getting up in the morning is the biggest pain in the ass. I have no choice though, because this morning I have an appointment I cannot miss. I am going to a job interview for another part of the company I work for. I have been wanting this position forever and I finally have a chance to get it. Unfortunately it wont be on the night shift I am used to working and I will have to start getting used to being up during the day. If I get the position, I will be celebrating tonight at the sports bar with my buddys.

Tonight is our regular night at Bailey’s anyway, but I will actually have a good reason to celebrate. I also have a date for tonight and this will be a great day if only I can get this promotion. I am going to be praying all the way to work. I think I will stop and get some breakfast, so I am not hungry while I am interviewed. I wouldn’t want my stomach to start growling really loud during it. That would be embarrassing. Well, wish me luck !