The fucking mall

This is the one place during the holidays that I absolutely fucking hate to go and absolutely have no choice. My family likes name brand stuff, just like most people I imagine. Dillards is the place I have to go to buy moms favorite perfume. She loves Pleasures perfume and that is the only place I have ever found it. I make sure not to tell my siblings so I know I am the only one who can buy it for her.

Macy’s has the Ed Hardy stuff my little sister adores and even then it is sometimes hard to get unless it is the perfume. The clothes are hard to find unless I buy them online, which I sometimes do for her birthday. Christmas mail is too unreliable to buy online. My father loves ¬†gags and tricks to play on people, so I usually hit Spencer’s to buy him new stuff to torment the family and his co workers with. Still in all, the place will be packed and people will be cranky and rude. I feel sorry for the clerks that have to work in retail during the Holidays, because people just aren’t very nice anymore. I wish everyone a Happy Holiday.

Shopping for Christmas shit

So the holidays are here and I need Christmas shit for my house. Yes people, that is what I said, for my house ! I am decorating for the first time ever. I think I will get a little pre-lit tree that is not a lot of fuss. I do have to get the ornaments and the star for the top. I wonder if I should go with a theme. they have some interesting ones, but that might look like I am trying to be hoity toity. I don’t care ¬†really what anyone thinks so long as I like what I buy.

My favorite color is purple and they have a purple motif for the tree decorations. I think I just might try that one. I am buying a front door ribbon that has bells and when you push the button it plays Jingle Bells and other Christmas Carols. Now the real decisions lie on what to get for the front yard. do I go for elegant or cute? Maybe I should take a drive around the neighborhood and see what the neighbors have before I decide on the outdoor. I would rather try to be a little bit original when it come to that part.

Toss It or Mend It

Somehow my bedsheet got a tear in it. I have no idea how it got there – I don’t wear sharp edges on anything in my bed. So how did it get a tear? It must have been my damn washing machine.

One time I was in a nice hotel and they had these cute little sewing kits in the room, so I took home the sewing kit when I checked out. I’ve never had to use it yet, but now the sheet needs mending. But I don’t think anything I can do with just this little sewing kit will really make much difference. It won’t look as nice as a fresh, new sheet. I bet the stitching will be bothersome, too. But new sheets are expensive.