Head Games

Something about flirting and then dating and trying to get to know people always seems to end up a game. These games will wear you out. Especially when the relationship gets to the point where you both have to make a decision if you want to be exclusive or accept some mutually agreed level of commitment. Then it can turn into head games – or worse. I wish it was more effortless and natural. The head games cause so much drama and most of the time its not worth it.

Good Steak

We went to Longhorn Steakhouse and had a really talkative server. She was so sassy and perky – she wore me out just giving her my dinner order. Yadda yadda yadda. It was hyper at its most. I hope she is not always like that – I couldn’t stand to be around someone like her that talks non-stop and smiles and laughs at every little thing.

The cool thing about that experience was I actually learned something. Although I have no idea how to check it out and see if it is true. According to our server last night, the most popular steak ordered by women is the filet. She says that 8 out of 10 women will order the filet over any other steaks on the menu.

New TV Shows

The cool thing about September is that all the major TV networks bring out their new shows for the season. Every night of the week is show premieres. I have to pay attention to the TV Guide listings so I don’t miss anything good this week. I am just going to be a couch potato and watch TV this week and next week until I have seen all the premieres and can decided what shows are going to be worth watching.

Chinese Take Out

For years we have ordered Chinese food from a little Chinese restaurant and the food is always tasty and not very expensive. They even delivered for a $2 delivery charge – plus I would tip the driver $2 for saving me the trouble of driving up there, getting out of the car, etc.

So the landlord has raised their rent and now they have to close up. They want to move and keep their business open. But let;s face it, location is everything when you talk about restaurants and retail. So when they move they will lose customers. And I won’t have anyplace nearby that has decent Chinese food.

This so sucks. Why do landlords always have to be the greedy fucks who ruin things for not only the businesses who are paying rent but also their customers who like them?