Naughty Teacher

Here it is the end of August and probably at least half of this country is back in school by now. I think only the major metropolitan areas along the East Coast wait until after Labor Day to start their school year.

There is a commercial for a new movie called “Bad Teacher” starring Cameron Diaz. I don’t like Cameron Diaz so I don’t give a shit about paying good money to watch this in the theaters. Maybe one day when I bored out of my mind I might rent it from Redbox. Better yet, I’ll wait until it comes out on cable.

The whole point of the movie seems to be that a charming girl who has really bad habits that are not appropriate for a teacher just needs a little love and understanding. Sound like a load of crap.

Too Hot to Fuck

The air conditioner went out today and I had no idea until I got home from work and walked into a fucking oven. I called the repair tech, but of course he can’t get here until tomorrow afternoon. So here i is 90 degrees outside and no A/C. It’s too hot to even fuck. I put a fan on the dresser and have it blowing the hot air on me from across the room. At least the air is moving. Its going to be a long hot night.

Old Playboys

Cleaning out the garage I came across a copier paper box sealed closed and no label on it to say what’s in it. So I popped it open with my pocket knife and found two tall stacks of old Playboy magazines. Some of them go back the 1970’s. I wonder if they are worth anything?