My Sister Turns Forty

Today is my sister’s birthday. She is turning forty this year and is not happy about it. We wanted to give her a party, but she insisted that she would not be in any mood for a party this year. You see our mother passed away at the young age of forty and my sister is just freaked out about the whole thing and wants to just get on with life and make it to her 41st birthday in good health.

Happy Birthday Sis!

I Hate Cooking

I have never enjoyed the task of cooking and would much rather have some one else have that pleasure or eat eat out. Of course there is always the choice of calling for pizza or Chinese food delivered, but that gets old after while if you over do it. Been there and done that, but I still do once in a while when there is nothing else going on.

I actually tried to cook dinner last night, chicken and mashed potatoes. But I ended up burning the crap out of my left thumb and it took any enjoyment out of the meal due to the pain that is still bothering today and promises to keep on hurting until it completely heals, which I hope happens sooner rather than later.

September & October, Busy Birthday Months

This time of year I spend a good amount of time sending out birthday cards. There a tons of friends and family members that were born in September & October. Each March & April I go through the same thing, funny how things end up like this.

One good thing is that I get them all done and over with twice a month and don’t have to worry about keeping up with them all, all year round. I come from a large family and this becomes a pretty challenging undertaking each and every year.

It’s bad enough all the Christmas cards that I have to send out each and every year. The time and cost involved in that is becoming a big issue, this year I am cutting back big time on my Christmas card list and turning to e-cards more and more.

Kool Aid

I grew up in a house that drank tea morning, noon, at dinner and at night. I have always enjoyed tea, hot or cold, but I’ve been feeling a bit burned out of it these past few years and have been looking for an alternative to turn to for a change of pace.

I have never been a fan of soda, and water just tastes plain nasty, so I’ve turned to drinking a few flavors of Kool Aid and I have to say that it has been a nice change of pace for my taste buds. The Black Cherry flavor is my favorite and I have to add a bit more sugar that the one cup that it calls for but that is all right by me.

The New TV Fall Season

By the looks of things we are in for some pretty cool new TV shows that will be starting soon. I don’t watch that much TV but if there is something that peaks my interest I try and watch it when I can. Summer reruns are a real drag and there is so much to do outside during the summer months that I don’t feel the need to sit and watch the “boob tube” but with the weather changing and it is changing quickly it is nice to know that there will be some decent programs to watch in the evenings for a change. Guess we will see shortly what is what.