Wild Card – Rodeo Rampage Caught On Tape

I just saw an interesting piece on TV about four people being stupid enough to sit in an arena, at a table, playing poker while an angry bull is released into the ring. The reason that these people are doing this dumb ass thing is for the chance to be the last person seated who would win $200!

Can you imagine risking your life for $200?  The tape that they were showing, on this particular afternoon ended up badly, with numerous people getting seriously injured and a very upset bull. I can’t imagine being involved in anything so ridiculous as this. I’m sure that there are videos on YouTube.com with these types of escapades being video taped, but I honestly don’t want anything to do with anything so outrageous as this. These people deserved to be hurt, at least that is my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

Consumers Educate Yourself For The Up and Coming Holiday Season

There are so many deals out there these days, with money so tight, businesses are trying desperately to get your business in order to keep them alive and keep themselves in business. This will be an interesting holiday season coming up in just a few short months with the economy still in crisis, big time and most people hurting, big time as well. We the consumers need to be aware of what they are getting into, the old saying “buyer beware” is oh so true, especially when dealing with online shopping.

Lately I have been seeing a good amount of offers for free business cards online. Only to find out that free doesn’t necessarily mean free. It worries me that so many people are reeled in by offers like these only to find out the hard way that they have been fooled into giving their information (name, address, credit card numbers, etc.) only to find out that they are going to be charged in some way, one way or another.

Folks please be careful all year round and especially around Christmas time.

Poker Run for 4 Year Old Justin

You could hear the rumble of Harley’s for miles as they all gathered to start a poker run for Justin. Justin is a local 4 year old that was diagnosed with leukemia a month ago. His parents don’t have much so the expense for his treatments are a real strain on the family since the boy’s mother had to quit work to stay by Justin’s side.

Not even one of these tattooed, long haired, leather clad bikers knows Justin or his parents but they know the child needs help so a local group of bikers who had heard about Justin from a family member that knows his mother decided to put together a poker run to raise money for the family. They managed to raise over $5,000 which I’m sure will help his parents out, big time.

Now who said dirty old bikers don’t have a heart? Sure wasn’t me!!!!! Justin and his family are in the hearts of all of us now. His little life is in the hands of a higher power than any of us but their thoughts and prayers are with Justin and his family in hopes that a miracle comes their way.

Car Inspection Woes

I just got back from trying to get my car inspected. Unfortunately the brakes were bad enough to warrant a “Rejection Sticker” so I’ll be needing to take a day off and get new brakes installed before the 10 days are up that the Rejection Sticker gives you before trying again.

I don’t have new brakes in my budget at this time, so it looks like I’ll be needing to break out my credit card, which I have been shying away from this past year. So far I have managed to pay cash for just about everything since I put my foot down on the credit card usage that we all have been guilty of using more than we should. But sometimes you have to do what you have to do and having a charge card has saved my butt on more than one occasion, just like this one.

Trash Pick Up Changes

I received a letter by the county today in the mail informing me that they will be changing the day that our trash is being picked up. I have lived here for almost ten years and the trash has always been picked up on Monday morning, so it will take some getting used to the change. We are creatures of habit and I hope that I can adapt quickly to a Wednesday morning pick up. I have a feeling that I’ll slip up a few times and the trash cans will be sitting on the curb until Wednesday rolls around, no big deal really, just another change that will need adjusting to around here.