Your favorite entertainment system?

Out of all the gaming consoles which is your favorite and why? I bet a lot of people will chime in with some shooter game as to why that system is their favorite. It interested me while playing mortal kombat against a friend that the girls watching said, “guys always love to play games where they kill each other and girls like to play games where creation is involved.” And this holds much truth in real life as well, as men love to kill and women love to nurture and create. Anyways, before I dive too far off the deep end and even say why I really published this post, I just want you the reader to answer two simple questions: what is your favorite gaming console, and why?

Than here in a couple of weeks I will do a follow up post based on the results of the comments here in this post!

Your favorite porn star?

Out of all the porn stars in the World who is your favorite porn star of them all and why? My favorite porn star of them all is actually and amatuer porn star that I have only been able to find in one clip and I do not even know her name. I know a lot of you will write in Debbie or Jenna or the usual top 10 suspects and that is fine but I am wanting the truth when it comes to your answer of who yours is and why the are your favorite?

Many more polls to come as soon as I can figure this polls plugin but for now this post will have to do as it is a test of the emergency jun hoe broadcasting system do not worry this is only a test!

Self reflection = blog to me whats yours?

A blog is nothing but self reflection of our selves and conscious as you can see my blog is what about I like from music to movies to come and even clips from YouTube as this blog is all about what is going on in my life and in my mind at whatever time I post about. I actually have a blog for the old reason as a weblog or a log of favorite links on the web and not from some HUGE platform to lead or inform the masses but rather just a place for me to store my bookmarks.

But for everyone else that is blogging for another reason let me know why and what your blogging about as I am very interested in starting some new ideas!

Social networking sites for sex?

Why would anyone ever sign up and pay for a dating site when there are so many free social networking sites on the internet today? From MySpace to Facebook etc etc the list goes on and on anyone that can upload a picture of themselves and fill out a profile can join any social networking site for free and starting looking for people in there area. Which is funny to me because recently adult friend finder sold for hundreds of millions of dollars and now sites are popping up left and right offering free social networking. Even twitter can be used as a dating profile if you wanted to tweet it.

My question to you is have you ever used a social networking site for sex? And if so which one?

Well for my yes I have used Facebook to hook up with a couple of past flames from high school and it was a blast doing so and catching up with people from back in the day. I still have not been able to find my real true love from the past yet but at this point I am really not looking because I have found the one I plan to be with the rest of my natural life, keyword being natural wink.

The golden age of sex toys!

The golden age of sex toys is upon us or at least the rich. Yes it seems nothing is to good to be dipped in gold these days it seems there is someone in the middle east that just order a gold penis pump and another company that just released a line of vibrators dipped in gold and silver for those not wanting to spend as much i assume. I wonder what is next and I am sure there will be more to come from cockrings to anal toys and who knows maybe even a strap on more and more sex toys are being dipped in gold. i for one think this is great and about time but know I will never be able to afford luxury items like these for my bedroom.

My question to you is if you could have any sex toy dipped and gold and given to you what would it be and why?