Still the best dirty mag!

When it comes to dirty magazines I prefer Hustler over the other ones like Playboy or Penthouse. hustler was the first ever real porn magazine in my opinion because Larry Flynt showed a lot of lower shots rather than upper breast shot like Heugh Heffner and Penthouse had a lot of ugly models and bad photos most of its issues after the former owner used to run it.

So Hustler is something I still get today and love the articles as much as the pictures of all his very hot women he features in his magazine! Anyways out of the 3 magazines talked about in this post which do you prefer to read or view the most!

Oh please bitch get real hoe

Yes that is what I had to say to this fake phony bitch that was running her trap like a cunt so I had to put her in her place to shut her the fuck up from talking anymore because I can tell you she was just running off at the mouth about this and that and next thing you know started pointing the finger and then had the nerve to point it at me

So I was like oh hell no and said Oh please bitch get real I had nothing to do with your drama and go sit down and shut the hell up we are trying to eat over here! And that was the scene at my local diner when some lady started ranting and raving about some shit going on in her life!

Sex is so much apart of it

When it comes to my life sex is so much apart of it that there was just no way i was not going to blog about topics related to it because after all that is what all us guys like talking about anyways and I know I like to read about it to so I like to write about in hopes that you will read about it!

So tell so far how do you think I am doing talking about the sexual topics I have written about already? I always like to hear feedback on what I am creating to please let me know sometime!

Who do you want to see come out with one?

When it comes to the next celebrity sex tape to hit the net which celebrity would you like to see come out with one? To be honest there are so many hot celebrity women out there in this BIG world of ours that it would be very hard for me to choose which female celebrity I would like to see.

But if I had to or should I say if I could I would choose Jessica Simpson in some naughty lingerie getting banged hardcore. Ok now that you know mine which celebrity do you want to see come out with a sex tape?