Whats the last good one you seen?

When it comes to adult movies what was the last good one you saw? i have been thinking about buying a couple recently and I wanted to see if there were any must have titles to get when i am shopping for them. One thing I have learned of course is to buy it online, whatever it is when it comes to adult products because at the stores they charge you twice as much as what you can get online.

I am thinking the last great adult film i saw this year was on HBO of all places and it was just one of those 30 minute skin flicks that had some lame title but the women in the film were unbelievably hot. So if you know of any good ones like the last one that stuck in your mind because it was just so good leave the title in your comment.

A cool adult toys weblog

I am more into the blogs written by and featuring adult stuff like this awesome sex toys weblog that features all the coolest new adult toys to hit the market. All the sex toys stores around town do not have any where near the amount of toys that are online and at the prices the internet offers.

So I keep up with all the latest and greatest and toys by adding the feed to my netvibes page that wat when ever they feature another toy I can see it on my page. I used to keep up with them on my twitter but I have had so many problems withthe service i gave up on using it and made the switch over to netvibes.

Jerked it one to many times

IT was one of those days when I knew I had th whole house to my self and was going to be alone all day and night so i started the day with one hell of a jerk in the shower to start my day off right. By 4:20 pm I had done it 3 more times watching a dirty dvd and viewing some adult blogs online then by 8:40 and a couple of puffs and sips off some of the finest juice this side of the border I realized I had jerked it one to many times when I tried to open the door to my room and it took two hands in order to turn it.

After giving up even trying to make down the stairs I limped back to bed and passed out for a couple of hours only to wake up still with no strength and stinky breath looking like death an a hour late for work. Needless to say I had jerked it one to many times the day earlier but man what a great day that was!! I think we need a day just for men like that National jerk day where men all across the country get a day off just to jerk it all day!!