Girls that love to suck cock

You gotta love ’em, I sure do. Even though I do not like to cum during blow jobs much, because it sucks away so much energy – yeah it feels really really good to cum in a girl’s mouth and her sucking the life force out of me is incredible, but I try not to go there often. It doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a girl that loves to give head though – just gotta make sure not to cum when it’s right there on the edge.

So there are blow jobs and there are really good blow jobs. Sometimes you get a few good blow jobs from someone and then later in the relationship you don’t get good ones, it just becomes a prelude to the fucking that they want, kind of like a porn flick.

But when you are lucky enough to get a girl who loves to suck cock – the experience is amazing, I had forgotten what it was like to have a girl that knows what’s she’s doing to bring you pleasure with her mouth like that, and to have her really enjoy doing it – made the whole experience beautiful!

finger fucking for better fucking

When she’s got a tight little pussy you have to eat it a little different. Most girls I’ve been with can take a pretty hardcore finger fucking, but this one is much more snesitive, quite tight her tiny little pussy is. I want to fuck her, but I’ve got to take some time to loosen her up. Only one or two fingers, we won’t even be trying to get into fisting anytime soon.

there are times when in a hurry I just go for the most sensitive spots, you know, lick the clit hard and press up on the g-spot – get her off quickly so we can get to the fucking and getting off. With her the goal is a little different, and so is the technique.

One finger at a time, and going slow.
have to be real carfeul when pulling out too; you don’t want to pull her insides out that’s not pleasurable. the goal is to get her to tighten up on the finger and then relax. Start by going down then side to side, real slow and feel her clench up and relax, then move to another direction. after pressing up down and side to side a few times, hopefully she will begin to relax and become more reception to the larger cock you are want to slide into her.

Now mini me has a tape to

When I heard the word from my friends that mini me has a sex tape that is on the internet I was totally shocked that everyone in the World seems to have a sex tape of themselves and i do not. I am putting it on my list right now of things to do before I die because if mini me has one then I want one to. I can not wait to see it when it comes out for download on the net or on dvd.

My question to you is what celebrity would you like to see in a sex tape and why?