Never knew there were so many toys!

When i think of a sex toy I think of a vibrator or a dildo but when I went shopping online for a sex toy I came across stores that had over 10,000 different types of sex toys for sale. I was blown away with the amount of movies on dvd they had as well. My question is who has time to use all these devices? I wish there was a website that had the top sex toys in the World so all us novices could get the best ones and swift threw the shabby ones.

Shopping for anything online has become the standard around here because everyone saves so much by not driving to the store and also everything is cheaper online than at the stores so why even bother buying from anywhere else but online plus I have a really cute delivery driver that always comes to my door with a smile so it is an added bonus to shopping online even for sex toys.

Pumping makes it larger

I have been making my penis larger by using a penis pump that i bought online. My friends turned me onto the idea after reading a couple of articles online about how penis pumps worked for men with ED or erectile dysfunction a condition that I am unfortunately stuck with but as a result of the pump i bought not only does it help with the ED but it made my penis larger by at least an inch.

Now I know what your thinking a inch but when you got what i had to start with an inch is a whole lot and not to mention I able to have sex with my partners again so it is almost priceless. Of course I bought a cheap model to try at first but now that I know it works I am going to get a much better and more expensive pump to work out with over the next year.

If you have been considering trying out a pump but were afraid to get one because you do not know if they work, trust me when I say it worked for me and will more than likely work for you.

Blu-ray wins now what?

This year made blu-ray the winner of the next generation dvd format war but now what? Are dvds about to become extinct? It would be said to see no more dvds available anywhere I regularly go like go get them now. And when are there going to be a better selection of adult titles on blu-ray?

I heard that Sony might have done something in order to make it hard for the adult industry to duplicate there films on this format and from the amount of titles out on the market as of today at just about every store i have been able to find that carriers them it seems they did.

Now that is it the winner though I am hoping by yeas end to see over 1000 titles on blu-ray that are rated A for adults only because now I only see 50 total.

More love making videos please

Back in the say in order to watch movies that were adult related you would have to drive pretty far and go to some little shop that did not have any signs other than you must be 18 in order to enter and there we would have to look around with all the other curious people looking to learn more about adult love making.

Of course some were there for other reasons like finding a helping guide to help them masterbate and other things but me i wanted to learn how to make love to my woman at the time better and back then there were really no how to videos or better love making videos on the market. And even today there are only a couple of them out there.

I hope one day my society stops repressing sexuality and starts to embrace teachings on better love making so we can all enjoy better orgasms and get in touch with our spiritual side of our beings instead of the opposite.

Watching the tube

I have been entertaining myself with video websites recently and am hooked on a website called YouTube. It features video clips submitted by users from all over the World. Many of the clips are funny which is why i like watching them because every once and a awhile I need a good laugh.

since seeing so many other peoples videos out there I figured I would upload mine to the service as well and see how many people come and watch what i put up. Would be cool if I could get paid for people watching my movies and hope that one day YouTube will start paying people for the videos being watched that users upload.