The Hunger Games

I want to see this fucking movie so bad. It reminds me of the Running Man with Arnold Schwarzenegger, only this is about a girl who volunteers in place of her little sister. She has to make it through the games to not only survive, but to save her little sister. The plot is ripe for all kinds of violence and drama. I think I will take my girlfriend with me to go see it as soon as it hits theaters. I usually go to the theater near my house, but for this movie I am going to the big theater.

The screens are bigger and the seats recline better. The whole place is just nicer. I could do without the exorbitant cost but it is what it is and there is nothing for it. I want to see this one in the theater, not on cable on demand. Don’t get me wrong, I love my big screen TV, but the theater is much better for this kind of movie. I am going to sneak my flask into the theater so we can spike our drinks while we watch the movie. I know that is a no no, but I don’t care. I really want to enjoy the movie to its fullest and have fun with my girl.

Finally got my return

Now it is time to buy me a new fucking phone. I decided to get myself a new Android phone. They have the best applications and most of them are free. I have been using this old phone for two years and I am long past due for a new one. I don’t really know how I managed to keep from breaking this shit. It is a flip phone and everyone knows that flip phones break from constant use. I do use my phone a lot too. I am happy that it didn’t actually break too soon, because now I can afford to get a phone I really want.

I have been searching for the applications I like. One of them is the constellation app. If you turn on the app and hold the phone up to the night sky so the camera can see it, it will show you which stars are which constellations. It’s a cool as shit application and the ladies will love it. I am also going to have the hot spot as well. I have to pay extra for that but it will come in handy for when I want to take my lap top with me places and be able to use it successfully.

Valentines day sucks ass

I cannot wait for this stupid fucking holiday to pass. This has to be the dumbest holiday there is and it totally sucks ass. All I see is a holiday manufactured by the card, flower, jewelry and chocolate companies to cash in on. It gives women an unrealistic idea of what men should be like all the time. It’s as bad as those idiot romance novels and chick flick movies. Totally unrealistic. There is no way for men to live up to that shit and then women get pissed off when we can’t. We are men. We fart, burp, scratch and generally are gross. We like it that way.

I hate having to live up to expectations like that. Sometimes, there just isn’t enough money for a lot of gifts or the relationship hasn’t reached a gift giving stage, and if you ignore the damned holiday then the relationship is doomed right then and there. Maybe I shouldn’t hate on it so much, but it is kind of hard not to. I don’t like to disappoint people I like and if I am dating a girl it means I like her. I might not be in love yet, but I like her just the same. I vote this holiday and unfair one.

I need a fucking lobotomy

Ok, not really but I am about to lose my fucking mind. The political crap going on right now is totally mind blowing. You have to just love watching the news every day because there is one scandal after another. I cannot fathom how people who stand up and preach about honor and fidelity and morals and have absolutely none themselves. Politicians are the absolute worst people. There is non stop corruption in our government and the whole system needs to be revamped. Especially the way we vote and the party system itself. As I sit here and watch the news I am disheartened by the violence as well.

There are so many people hurting not just each other but their own children. How the fuck do they justify what they do? Sometimes I wish the reporters would just stop. Stop reporting all of the bad stuff and give us more of the good. I know we can’t get away from the political spectrum but the rest of it we could definitely do without. At least the weather is nto that bad and we have had a mild winter so far.  I think I will turn off the TV for a while and read a book.

The fucking mall

This is the one place during the holidays that I absolutely fucking hate to go and absolutely have no choice. My family likes name brand stuff, just like most people I imagine. Dillards is the place I have to go to buy moms favorite perfume. She loves Pleasures perfume and that is the only place I have ever found it. I make sure not to tell my siblings so I know I am the only one who can buy it for her.

Macy’s has the Ed Hardy stuff my little sister adores and even then it is sometimes hard to get unless it is the perfume. The clothes are hard to find unless I buy them online, which I sometimes do for her birthday. Christmas mail is too unreliable to buy online. My father loves  gags and tricks to play on people, so I usually hit Spencer’s to buy him new stuff to torment the family and his co workers with. Still in all, the place will be packed and people will be cranky and rude. I feel sorry for the clerks that have to work in retail during the Holidays, because people just aren’t very nice anymore. I wish everyone a Happy Holiday.