Shopping for New Dishes

The dishes in my kitchen are an old fashioned country style pottery or stoneware. When I first got my own place I bought them at an outlet store for $15. I liked the simple blue stripe and beige color, thinking that they would “go with anything.” But the truth is, no one has a kitchen decorated in dark blue. Its just not happening.

My kitchen is black and white appliances with old, dark wood cabinets. I would paint the cabinets, but after seeing a few neighbor’s homes that were built by the same builder at the same time as mine, I haven’t like any of their kitchens where they painted the cabinets. The cabinets don’t look any newer or better – they just look . . . painted.

I hope that if I stay here we can work out a deal to replace the cabinets with something not only more attractive but also with adjustable shelves and more functionality. Whoever designed this kitchen had no fucking clue how to arrange cupboards for function.

So, I tired of these dishes and want something with color and style. I am seriously thinking about going shopping for new dishes this weekend and doing with something red. I think red goes great with black and white and it is a nice pop of color for the table top. I just don’t know if food looks good on a red plate. It might be overwhelming or too dark to even see the food properly. What do you think?

Home Made Nachos

Some days I don’t want a big meal – but I’m hungry. Like today. I don’t want a hamburger or even chicken for lunch. I decided to make some fucking excellent NACHOS, baby!

This was easy and I got lucky about having all the ingredients needed already bought and in my refrigerator. I got sharp cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, refried beans, fresh salsa, chopped sweet onions, a sliced jalepeno and my favorite tortilla chips, On the Border chips.

The hardest thing for me to figure out about Mexican cooking was how to deal with an avocado and how to deal with refried beans. I knew they couldn’t be hard to do, but I never knew anything about Mexican food when I was growing up except for once in a great while my mom would drive through Taco Bell and get a dozen tacos for us kids.

I found some links on YouTube about cooking. Now I can do nachos, tacos, burritos and enchiladas. Working on learning even more authentic Mexican food, too. I fucking love this stuff!

Out with the old, in with the new

I got rid of that fucking bitch I was seeing. She was a nut case. I met a really nice girl through my parents, go figure. Mom is always trying to set me up with nice girls and most of the time I decline, but she was at my parents house and I liked her right away. That is unusual for me. Most of the time my mom has no clue as to the type of women I like, but this time she hit it dead on. Makes me wonder about mom. Not that it matters, I will still see the chick because after I spent hours at moms talking to her, it was apparent that she is right up my alley.

I am going to take her out for dinner and dancing. We are going to my favorite seafood restaurant as she told me she loves seafood too, and then to the club. It seems that we have a lot in common, but we still have to see if we are compatible or not. I am particular about a few things when it comes to relationships. I don’t do crazy at all, so if she has crazy tendencies, she is shit out of luck. I will find out soon enough I suppose.


I am going to a party this weekend and it is the first BBQ of the season. I am glad that winter is finally fucking over and the outdoor activities are finally under way. The BBQ is at my brothers house and its only a few family members, and mostly friends. I am taking a date with me. The girl I am taking is someone I have been seeing for about two months. She is really cool and loves the outdoors too. I think we will have a great time at my brothers BBQ. Since my parents wont be there it is ok to take her. I am not ready to introduce her to them yet.

I want to see what my brother thinks of her first and how she reacts to his kind of BBQ’s. They are usually a little crazy and the food is definitely not the average BBQ food. I am looking forward to the shish-ka-bobs that my brother makes so well. They are amazing and I can never get enough of them. He always accuses me of standing over the grill to get the first one off of it and he is right. There is nothing like it that I have ever had before.

I hate mornings

No really, I fucking hate mornings. I am a night person and getting up in the morning is the biggest pain in the ass. I have no choice though, because this morning I have an appointment I cannot miss. I am going to a job interview for another part of the company I work for. I have been wanting this position forever and I finally have a chance to get it. Unfortunately it wont be on the night shift I am used to working and I will have to start getting used to being up during the day. If I get the position, I will be celebrating tonight at the sports bar with my buddys.

Tonight is our regular night at Bailey’s anyway, but I will actually have a good reason to celebrate. I also have a date for tonight and this will be a great day if only I can get this promotion. I am going to be praying all the way to work. I think I will stop and get some breakfast, so I am not hungry while I am interviewed. I wouldn’t want my stomach to start growling really loud during it. That would be embarrassing. Well, wish me luck !