I am going to a party this weekend and it is the first BBQ of the season. I am glad that winter is finally fucking over and the outdoor activities are finally under way. The BBQ is at my brothers house and its only a few family members, and mostly friends. I am taking a date with me. The girl I am taking is someone I have been seeing for about two months. She is really cool and loves the outdoors too. I think we will have a great time at my brothers BBQ. Since my parents wont be there it is ok to take her. I am not ready to introduce her to them yet.

I want to see what my brother thinks of her first and how she reacts to his kind of BBQ’s. They are usually a little crazy and the food is definitely not the average BBQ food. I am looking forward to the shish-ka-bobs that my brother makes so well. They are amazing and I can never get enough of them. He always accuses me of standing over the grill to get the first one off of it and he is right. There is nothing like it that I have ever had before.

I hate mornings

No really, I fucking hate mornings. I am a night person and getting up in the morning is the biggest pain in the ass. I have no choice though, because this morning I have an appointment I cannot miss. I am going to a job interview for another part of the company I work for. I have been wanting this position forever and I finally have a chance to get it. Unfortunately it wont be on the night shift I am used to working and I will have to start getting used to being up during the day. If I get the position, I will be celebrating tonight at the sports bar with my buddys.

Tonight is our regular night at Bailey’s anyway, but I will actually have a good reason to celebrate. I also have a date for tonight and this will be a great day if only I can get this promotion. I am going to be praying all the way to work. I think I will stop and get some breakfast, so I am not hungry while I am interviewed. I wouldn’t want my stomach to start growling really loud during it. That would be embarrassing. Well, wish me luck !

Don’t give me shit

Don’t give me shit for looking at your tits when you dress to show them off. I went out last night to the club and this chick got all mad because I looked at her tits. Well, she had them pushed up so far they were almost touching her chin and you couldn’t help but look.  Woman dress to attract the men to them and then want to get angry when you actually look at what they are showing off. I love the Play Dance bar and I go there a lot, but I think I am going to have to find a new place to play, because it has just gotten ridiculous.

Maybe it is time to go hang out at Tootsies Orchid Lounge for a while. I like to dance and talk to the women and if they are going to be so nasty then a new place is in order. I have been to Tootsies a few times and liked it, but it just wasn’t the same as Play Dance. Play Dance hops a lot harder then Tootsies, but I am going to convince a few of the guys and girls to switch with me. Maybe then I won’t have to deal with so much shit.

Happy Fucking New Year !

I am so hung over. Last nights revelries were fucking amazing. I took a beautiful blond out to dinner and then to a party at a friends house, before we went to a couple of clubs. The best place was BB Kings Blues club, where we ended our night after the ball dropped. I really love this place and you could tell she did too. We danced and had a great time without any incident. You really can’t beat the music in a place named BB Kings. I had to smile at that last as it is really an understatement, but you will know if you ever go there.

After I took the lovely lady home, I was still a bit amped and decided to go back to my buddy’s house. The party was still in full swing and it got crazy. That is where I got so drunk and why I am hung over as hell. I drank too much Tequila last night, my friend. That is ok though since I ended up spending the night and didn’t get home till a little bit ago. After a hot shower and food I am writing this then going back to bed. I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years experience. I know I did.