Random Thoughts Thanks to YouTube

So I was trolling YouTube a little while ago and happened across some random old commercials from the 80’s or something like that. Some of these were just hilarious and others were mind boggling. People seem like they were so different back then, but I guess in a way they were. There was this one commercial with a guy who climbs to the top of a mountain to ask what the meaning of life is. For what purpose that was in a commercial, I have no clue, but it got me to thinking.

What is the meaning of life? Sometimes it seems as if we live short pointless lives. Short given the age of our planet… but pointless none the less. We are born and spend our first two years being taught to walk and talk, then the next sixteen being told to sit down and shut up. Then we to to work to pay for all the crap we are told we “need” and never have time for family or to even enjoy all the crap we buy.

I know that sounds pessimistic, so allow me to redeem myself here. I think in the end perhaps the meaning of life is to love and to learn or to learn to love. The order is not as important as the action itself. I cannot see any other reason or purpose to give meaning to our lives than these.

Where Did All the Soap Operas Go?

Stayed home sick from work today. It’s not bad, just feeling a bit too under the weather to manage the office today. So as I lay on my couch like a potato, flipping through the channel on the TV, I realize that most of the day time soap opera’s are gone. WTH? Talk shows, talk shows and more talk shows, a couple of game shows and that is it. I was kind of looking forward to a little blast from the past and catching up on what happened to whom with a little bit of drama and POW ! They are pretty much gone.

I am really not interested in the ones that are left, so thank you cable, I can still find something interesting to watch. Animal cops? Nope, not in the mood to cry over the poor little guys today. History channel has some show about trains in America on. Nah…too much thinking trying to retain the information ( habit I cannot break) So I guess it is either cartoons, news or a movie. I think the movie wins, since one of my favorite flicks is on. Dirty Dancing ! Yay me.


This years Daytona 500 was insane. Between the rain putting the race off for a day and then more rain putting the race off till night time it is amazing the race ever got started. To top it all off the crash with Montoya and one of the safety trucks that was drying the track was unbelievable. The truck had a helicopter jet engine on it that drys the track during yellow flags. It also has the jet fuel in a large tank to run it. Montoya had a mechanical problem and spun out into the back of the truck at a rather high rate of speed.

The truck burst into flames and the fuel started spilling down the track on fire. It took a while for them to finally put the fire out and clean up the mess from the fire. Basically all they could do was dump massive amounts of water on it until they had watered the fuel down enough that it wouldn’t burn anymore. It was fucking crazy. I definitely wouldn’t have wanted to be one of those guys out there near that fire. You could see where the fire had burned so hot on the truck that it melted the fucking metal. I love Daytona, but the last couple of years it has been nothing but problems.

Orange County Choppers

I am watching Orange County Choppers while I mess around online. I really like this shit. Paul Sr and Paul Jr are always fighting about something, even when they make up they still go at it constantly. I have never seen families behave like this in real life, at least not the families I know. Their motorcycles are the shit though. I would love to have a bike built by them. I know that Jr has his own shop now, so it would be hard to decide who to chose to build my bike. On one had Sr has the most experience, however JR has a lot of talent that cannot be denied.

Pure talent wins I think over experience, because he will always have something new and cutting edge. One of my favorite bikes is the black widow. It is just bad fucking ass. You just don’t see that kind of thing everyday. I think I would want something with dragons on it if I had them build me one. Something that speaks of my own ancestry and heritage. A custom bike should reflect the personality of it’s owner in my opinion. I am saving for a bike, but not just any bike, an Orange County Chopper.

I need a fucking lobotomy

Ok, not really but I am about to lose my fucking mind. The political crap going on right now is totally mind blowing. You have to just love watching the news every day because there is one scandal after another. I cannot fathom how people who stand up and preach about honor and fidelity and morals and have absolutely none themselves. Politicians are the absolute worst people. There is non stop corruption in our government and the whole system needs to be revamped. Especially the way we vote and the party system itself. As I sit here and watch the news I am disheartened by the violence as well.

There are so many people hurting not just each other but their own children. How the fuck do they justify what they do? Sometimes I wish the reporters would just stop. Stop reporting all of the bad stuff and give us more of the good. I know we can’t get away from the political spectrum but the rest of it we could definitely do without. At least the weather is nto that bad and we have had a mild winter so far. ¬†I think I will turn off the TV for a while and read a book.