New Sub Place Near Me

The closest place to my house get a sub for lunch is Subway. There are actually three of them within 2 miles of my house, and I go to the newest one most of the time. But if I go just another miles or two the options really open up. There is a Jersey Mikes in the shopping center where the Kroger grocery store is located. And just past there is a Firehouse Subs. And practically next door to the Firehouse subs is a new place called Penn Station Subs.

I have tried all of the sub places and the really funny thing is that I would much rather have a Quiznos sub than any of them. But there is not Quiznos anywhere near my house. The closest one I can think of is about 25 miles away, with traffic that means a 40 minute drive. Fuck that kind of a drive for a sub. But if I ever have a reason to be in that part of town during lunch time, I try to go to that Quiznos and get a sub there.

Since I don’t usually go all out and head to that Quiznos, I think I would pick the Penn Station subs as my favorite from the closer ones. Their bread is a soft and chewy beard with a thin crispy crust. They put plenty of meat of the sandwich and the rest of the fixings and condiments are great. That’s my plan for today – Penn Station Subs.

No More Tee Shirts

My closet is a huge mess and I hate going through piles of clothes to sort through them and put them up. I seem to end up wearing the same 5 or 6 outfits most of the time and all the rest of the clothes just hang in the closet looking neglected and forlorn.

One thing that is really starting to bug me is the huge collection of tee shirts that I have now. Over the years I have collected way too many tee shirts and can probably go the rest of my life without having to buy an y more tee shirts.

I have shirts from concerts, from vacation towns and from all the walk-a-thon charity events I used to do. Most of them are size large men’s tee shirts with logos and designs on them. And I never really wear any of them!

The only time I wear a men’s tee shirt is when I am going to bed and want to sleep in a big shirt and Joe Boxer pants instead of a nightgown. Truth is, I almost never like to wear nightgowns anymore – they make me feel frumpy. In a grandma way. Not that a tee shirt and pj bottoms are less frumpy, but they keep my legs warm and my grandma never wore them – I guarantee.

I’d sleep in the raw if I didn’t have a roommate. But we need a certain amount of modesty in the house. So PJs are the norm around here.

Shopping for New Dishes

The dishes in my kitchen are an old fashioned country style pottery or stoneware. When I first got my own place I bought them at an outlet store for $15. I liked the simple blue stripe and beige color, thinking that they would “go with anything.” But the truth is, no one has a kitchen decorated in dark blue. Its just not happening.

My kitchen is black and white appliances with old, dark wood cabinets. I would paint the cabinets, but after seeing a few neighbor’s homes that were built by the same builder at the same time as mine, I haven’t like any of their kitchens where they painted the cabinets. The cabinets don’t look any newer or better – they just look . . . painted.

I hope that if I stay here we can work out a deal to replace the cabinets with something not only more attractive but also with adjustable shelves and more functionality. Whoever designed this kitchen had no fucking clue how to arrange cupboards for function.

So, I tired of these dishes and want something with color and style. I am seriously thinking about going shopping for new dishes this weekend and doing with something red. I think red goes great with black and white and it is a nice pop of color for the table top. I just don’t know if food looks good on a red plate. It might be overwhelming or too dark to even see the food properly. What do you think?

Fucking finally

Well I finally fucking got my concealed weapons permit and I am heading to the range again. Since I purchased the first gun, I have gone back and gotten a couple more. One is a COLT SP6920MP-B MAGPUL MOE, AR15 BLACK, 5.56MM, 16″ M4 and it is bad ass. I know that it is really a bit much, but it is way fun to shoot. I mean seriously, what man wouldn’t want to own an AR? All of my friends are a bit jealous over this gun and some are meeting me at the range so they can shoot it. Arnold is going to over see us all as it is a very high powered rifle.

I also got a shot gun just for kicks. It is a  MOSSBERG CRUISER 12G 18.5″ PISTOL GRIP 6 SHOT PARKERIZED and a beauty at that. We aren’t going to be shooting it today as the AR is the toy of the day, but I am going to have too much fun with it later. I plan on going clay shooting next week and work on hunting skills. I may decide to go hunting next fall when deer season kicks in, but I am not totally sure. I will decide later I suppose. I am glad I have these guns though. I have always wanted one and now I have three.

Some silly shit

I have seen some silly shit in my life, but none sillier than a pair of high top stiletto Air Jordan boots. Are you going to run in them? I don’t think so. I cannot imagine what a woman would wear a pair of those with, but more power to ya. My sister saw some online and fell in love with them. I really want to see her wear that shit. I could be wrong, but it really doesn’t say sexy to me as a regular stiletto is supposed to. Then again I am not a fashion guru either.

I prefer my women in sexy shoes, not crazy looking ones. I have seen some really crazy looking shoes on women before and they are a total turn off. Especially those Goth shoes that everyone used to wear all the time. At least only a few women wear them anymore and those are just Goth chicks. Big clunky shoes are definitely not sexy, at least to this mans point of view. I wish my sister the best of luck with her new boots. I hope her husband has a broader mind than I apparently have. Then again, he married my crazy sister so he must.