Sex is so much apart of it

When it comes to my life sex is so much apart of it that there was just no way i was not going to blog about topics related to it because after all that is what all us guys like talking about anyways and I know I like to read about it to so I like to write about in hopes that you will read about it!

So tell so far how do you think I am doing talking about the sexual topics I have written about already? I always like to hear feedback on what I am creating to please let me know sometime!

Who do you want to see come out with one?

When it comes to the next celebrity sex tape to hit the net which celebrity would you like to see come out with one? To be honest there are so many hot celebrity women out there in this BIG world of ours that it would be very hard for me to choose which female celebrity I would like to see.

But if I had to or should I say if I could I would choose Jessica Simpson in some naughty lingerie getting banged hardcore. Ok now that you know mine which celebrity do you want to see come out with a sex tape?

A cool adult toys weblog

I am more into the blogs written by and featuring adult stuff like this awesome sex toys weblog that features all the coolest new adult toys to hit the market. All the sex toys stores around town do not have any where near the amount of toys that are online and at the prices the internet offers.

So I keep up with all the latest and greatest and toys by adding the feed to my netvibes page that wat when ever they feature another toy I can see it on my page. I used to keep up with them on my twitter but I have had so many problems withthe service i gave up on using it and made the switch over to netvibes.

Jerked it one to many times

IT was one of those days when I knew I had th whole house to my self and was going to be alone all day and night so i started the day with one hell of a jerk in the shower to start my day off right. By 4:20 pm I had done it 3 more times watching a dirty dvd and viewing some adult blogs online then by 8:40 and a couple of puffs and sips off some of the finest juice this side of the border I realized I had jerked it one to many times when I tried to open the door to my room and it took two hands in order to turn it.

After giving up even trying to make down the stairs I limped back to bed and passed out for a couple of hours only to wake up still with no strength and stinky breath looking like death an a hour late for work. Needless to say I had jerked it one to many times the day earlier but man what a great day that was!! I think we need a day just for men like that National jerk day where men all across the country get a day off just to jerk it all day!!

Girls that love to suck cock

You gotta love ’em, I sure do. Even though I do not like to cum during blow jobs much, because it sucks away so much energy – yeah it feels really really good to cum in a girl’s mouth and her sucking the life force out of me is incredible, but I try not to go there often. It doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a girl that loves to give head though – just gotta make sure not to cum when it’s right there on the edge.

So there are blow jobs and there are really good blow jobs. Sometimes you get a few good blow jobs from someone and then later in the relationship you don’t get good ones, it just becomes a prelude to the fucking that they want, kind of like a porn flick.

But when you are lucky enough to get a girl who loves to suck cock – the experience is amazing, I had forgotten what it was like to have a girl that knows what’s she’s doing to bring you pleasure with her mouth like that, and to have her really enjoy doing it – made the whole experience beautiful!