Gun range

Hell fuck yea ! I went to the gun range with my buddy Arnold. He is a cop and spends a lot of time at the range. He let me shoot two of his guns and by the time I was done, I decided I want a gun of my own. We left the range and went to his favorite gun shop to browse around and fill out paperwork. I am buying a 45 Cal ACP. They are not easy to find either as most places are out of stock right now. Apparently the constant battle over gun rights has boosted sales astronomically.

The gun shop owners and gun manufacturers are happy about that, but it makes for a lot of red tape as well to buy a gun now a days. I have applied for my permit and such, but I cannot pick up my gun until after three days. That is how long it takes for the back ground check to come back. I also registered for my classes so I can get a concealed weapons permit as well. That is a bit expensive, but completely worth it. Arnold says that it is a must have. That way if I am ever pulled over the cops cannot give me too hard a time about it.

Consumers Educate Yourself For The Up and Coming Holiday Season

There are so many deals out there these days, with money so tight, businesses are trying desperately to get your business in order to keep them alive and keep themselves in business. This will be an interesting holiday season coming up in just a few short months with the economy still in crisis, big time and most people hurting, big time as well. We the consumers need to be aware of what they are getting into, the old saying “buyer beware” is oh so true, especially when dealing with online shopping.

Lately I have been seeing a good amount of offers for free business cards online. Only to find out that free doesn’t necessarily mean free. It worries me that so many people are reeled in by offers like these only to find out the hard way that they have been fooled into giving their information (name, address, credit card numbers, etc.) only to find out that they are going to be charged in some way, one way or another.

Folks please be careful all year round and especially around Christmas time.

Awesome freedoms others have

What a weird World we live in today. I have been almost disgusted to think about all the freedoms the are available around the planet to so many other people like for instance being able to surf sexual content on the internet which can not be done in my home country of China but here in America where I now live sexual websites are all over the internet and no one cares or goes to jail for viewing them, which is awesome.

I just hope that one day the World will united in causes in laws so if it is ok to do it one place it is ok to do it in another place as well as long as your a citizen of a country that says it is ok to do whatever it is your doing.