Some silly shit

I have seen some silly shit in my life, but none sillier than a pair of high top stiletto Air Jordan boots. Are you going to run in them? I don’t think so. I cannot imagine what a woman would wear a pair of those with, but more power to ya. My sister saw some online and fell in love with them. I really want to see her wear that shit. I could be wrong, but it really doesn’t say sexy to me as a regular stiletto is supposed to. Then again I am not a fashion guru either.

I prefer my women in sexy shoes, not crazy looking ones. I have seen some really crazy looking shoes on women before and they are a total turn off. Especially those Goth shoes that everyone used to wear all the time. At least only a few women wear them anymore and those are just Goth chicks. Big clunky shoes are definitely not sexy, at least to this mans point of view. I wish my sister the best of luck with her new boots. I hope her husband has a broader mind than I apparently have. Then again, he married my crazy sister so he must.


I am going to a party this weekend and it is the first BBQ of the season. I am glad that winter is finally fucking over and the outdoor activities are finally under way. The BBQ is at my brothers house and its only a few family members, and mostly friends. I am taking a date with me. The girl I am taking is someone I have been seeing for about two months. She is really cool and loves the outdoors too. I think we will have a great time at my brothers BBQ. Since my parents wont be there it is ok to take her. I am not ready to introduce her to them yet.

I want to see what my brother thinks of her first and how she reacts to his kind of BBQ’s. They are usually a little crazy and the food is definitely not the average BBQ food. I am looking forward to the shish-ka-bobs that my brother makes so well. They are amazing and I can never get enough of them. He always accuses me of standing over the grill to get the first one off of it and he is right. There is nothing like it that I have ever had before.


This years Daytona 500 was insane. Between the rain putting the race off for a day and then more rain putting the race off till night time it is amazing the race ever got started. To top it all off the crash with Montoya and one of the safety trucks that was drying the track was unbelievable. The truck had a helicopter jet engine on it that drys the track during yellow flags. It also has the jet fuel in a large tank to run it. Montoya had a mechanical problem and spun out into the back of the truck at a rather high rate of speed.

The truck burst into flames and the fuel started spilling down the track on fire. It took a while for them to finally put the fire out and clean up the mess from the fire. Basically all they could do was dump massive amounts of water on it until they had watered the fuel down enough that it wouldn’t burn anymore. It was fucking crazy. I definitely wouldn’t have wanted to be one of those guys out there near that fire. You could see where the fire had burned so hot on the truck that it melted the fucking metal. I love Daytona, but the last couple of years it has been nothing but problems.

Orange County Choppers

I am watching Orange County Choppers while I mess around online. I really like this shit. Paul Sr and Paul Jr are always fighting about something, even when they make up they still go at it constantly. I have never seen families behave like this in real life, at least not the families I know. Their motorcycles are the shit though. I would love to have a bike built by them. I know that Jr has his own shop now, so it would be hard to decide who to chose to build my bike. On one had Sr has the most experience, however JR has a lot of talent that cannot be denied.

Pure talent wins I think over experience, because he will always have something new and cutting edge. One of my favorite bikes is the black widow. It is just bad fucking ass. You just don’t see that kind of thing everyday. I think I would want something with dragons on it if I had them build me one. Something that speaks of my own ancestry and heritage. A custom bike should reflect the personality of it’s owner in my opinion. I am saving for a bike, but not just any bike, an Orange County Chopper.


I love going to the movies but those cocksuckers charge too much. It is difficult to take a woman out on a date when that date can break you. The economy is such that even a simple dinner and a movie will cost over a hundred and fifty dollars. That doesn’t include drinks afterwards if you are so inclined. How’s a man supposed to take his lady out if it means not paying a bill from his home to do it. I miss the good old days when things were cheaper. Gas was under two dollars a gallon and a movie was only a couple of bucks. You almost have to take out a loan to do anything now a days.

Ah well, I will persevere. It is time to get creative. If I really like the woman perhaps I will make her dinner and watch a movie here at home with drinks out by the pool. I am not trying to be cheap, but you know how it is. We have to get creative if we want to have a social life. I like entertaining though so it shouldn’t be a problem. I keep a clean house, unlike most bachelor pads, and my decorating has style thanks to a little help from my sister.