Tuesday for New Releases

Have you ever noticed that most new music CDs are released on Tuesdays? I always check my Spotify dashboard on Tuesdays to see what new albums are available. I like the way Spotify lets you hear a whole song – not just a sample like on Amazon, and then lets you buy the new music if you like it.

I made a huge playlist of adult contemporary music that I like. For some strange reason a lot of people have found my playlist online and subscribed to it. That means a couple dozen people are grooving to the songs that I picked for myself. How cool is that?

New Music

The radio stations here are so awful that I quit listening. Maybe 2 years ago. Or longer. I can’t remember when I actually made the decision. It was more like just not bothering to turn on the radio on when I got in the car and just riding in silence so I could think about stuff. The radio just became an annoyance. I don’t even miss it. But how are we supposed to find about new music if we don’t listen to the radio? I don’t know abut you but I watch the David Letterman show and they have a guest band or vocalist every night. They have some good acts and its just enough to make me notice their name and look them up online for their new album.


Just watched the movie, Burlesque. It stars Cher and Christina Aguilera and several other people who look familiar from hit TV shows and other movies. I was mostly wanting to watch Cher. She sings in the movie and still has a great voice. I don’t know that the movie was all that great – the story line was pretty weak and predictable. But the soundtrack was awesome.